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Subdivision 1.Applicability.

The definitions in this section apply to sections 124D.37 to 124D.45.

Subd. 2.Eligible organization.

"Eligible organization" means:

(1) a local unit of government including a statutory or home rule charter city, township, county, or group of two or more contiguous counties;

(2) an existing nonprofit organization organized under chapter 317A;

(3) an educational institution;

(4) a private industry council;

(5) a state agency; or

(6) a federal agency.

Subd. 3.Federal law.

"Federal law" means Public Law 111-13, as amended, or any other federal law or program assisting youth community service, work-based learning, or youth transition from school to work.

Subd. 4.

[Repealed, 1Sp2011 c 11 art 2 s 51]

Subd. 5.

[Repealed, 1Sp2011 c 11 art 2 s 51]

Subd. 6.

[Repealed, 1Sp2011 c 11 art 2 s 51]

Subd. 7.Program.

"Program" means an activity carried out with assistance provided under sections 124D.37 to 124D.45.

Subd. 8.Project.

"Project" means an activity that results in a specific identifiable service or product that could not be done from the resources of the eligible organization and that does not duplicate the routine services or functions of the eligible organization.

Subd. 9.Commission.

"Commission" means the Minnesota commission on national and community service established in section 124D.385.

Subd. 10.

[Repealed, 2000 c 254 s 51]

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