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Except as otherwise provided herein payment of damages awarded may be made or tendered at any time after the filing of the report; and the duty of the petitioner to pay the amount of any award or final judgment upon appeal shall, for all purposes, be held and construed to be full and just compensation to the respective owners or the persons interested in the lands. If either the petitioner or any respondent appeals from an award, the respondent or respondents, if there is more than one, except encumbrancers having an interest in the award which has been appealed, may demand of the petitioner a partial payment of the award pending the final determination thereof, and it shall be the duty of the petitioner to comply with such demand and to promptly pay the amount demanded but not in excess of an amount equal to three-fourths of the award of damages for the parcel which has been appealed, less any payments made by petitioner pursuant to section 117.042; provided, however, that the petitioner may by motion after due notice to all interested parties request, and the court may order, reduction in the amount of the partial payment for cause shown. If an appeal is taken from an award the petitioner may, but it cannot be compelled to, pay the entire amount of the award pending the final determination thereof. If any respondent or respondents having an interest in the award refuses to accept such payment the petitioner may pay the amount thereof to the court administrator of district court to be paid out under direction of the court. A partial or full payment as herein provided shall not draw interest from the condemner from the date of payment or deposit, and upon final determination of any appeal the total award of damages shall be reduced by the amount of the partial or full payment. If any partial or full payment exceeds the amount of the award of compensation as finally determined, upon petitioner's motion, final judgment must be entered in the condemnation action in favor of the petitioner in the amount of the balance owed to the petitioner and is recoverable within the original condemnation action.

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