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Subdivision 1.List of areas.

By January 1, 1983, the Pollution Control Agency shall publish a preliminary list of counties determined to contain natural resources sensitive to the impacts of acid deposition. Sensitive areas shall be designated on the basis of:

(1) the presence of plants and animal species which are sensitive to acid deposition;

(2) geological information identifying those areas which have insoluble bedrock which is incapable of adequately neutralizing acid deposition; and

(3) existing acid deposition reports and data prepared by the Pollution Control Agency and the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The Pollution Control Agency shall conduct public meetings on the preliminary list of acid deposition sensitive areas. Meetings shall be concluded by March 1, 1983, and a final list published by May 1, 1983.

Subd. 2.Standards.

(a) By January 1, 1986, the agency shall adopt an acid deposition standard for wet plus dry acid deposition in the acid deposition sensitive areas listed pursuant to subdivision 1.

(b) By January 1, 1986, the agency shall adopt an acid deposition control plan to attain and maintain the acid deposition standard adopted under clause (a), addressing sources both inside and outside of the state which emit more than 100 tons of sulphur dioxide per year. The plan shall include an analysis of the estimated compliance costs for facilities emitting sulphur dioxide. Any emission reductions required inside of the state shall be based on the contribution of sources inside of the state to acid deposition in excess of the standard.

(c) By January 1, 1990, sources located inside the state shall be in compliance with the provisions of the acid deposition control plan.

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