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Subdivision 1.Distribution; formula.

Any funds appropriated to the commissioner for the purpose of distribution to counties under this section must be distributed each fiscal year by the commissioner based on population, except a county may not receive less than $55,000 in a fiscal year. If the amount available for distribution under this section is less or more than the amount available in fiscal year 2001, the minimum county payment under this section is reduced or increased proportionately. For purposes of this subdivision, "population" has the definition given in section 477A.011, subdivision 3. A county that participates in a multicounty district that manages solid waste and that has responsibility for recycling programs as authorized in section 115A.552, must pass through to the districts funds received by the county in excess of the minimum county payment under this section in proportion to the population of the county served by that district.

Subd. 2.Permissible expenditures.

(a) A county receiving money distributed by the commissioner under this section may use the money only for the development and implementation of programs to:

(1) reduce the amount of solid waste generated;

(2) recycle the maximum amount of solid waste technically feasible;

(3) create and support markets for recycled products;

(4) remove problem materials from the solid waste stream and develop proper disposal options for them;

(5) inform and educate all sectors of the public about proper solid waste management procedures;

(6) provide technical assistance to public and private entities to ensure proper solid waste management;

(7) provide educational, technical, and financial assistance for litter prevention;

(8) process mixed municipal solid waste generated in the county at a resource recovery facility located in Minnesota;

(9) compost source-separated compostable materials, including the provision of receptacles for residential composting;

(10) prevent food waste or collect and transport food donated to humans or to be fed to animals; and

(11) process source-separated compostable materials that are to be used to produce class I or class II compost, as defined in Minnesota Rules, part 7035.2836, after being processed in an anaerobic digester, but not to construct buildings or acquire equipment.

(b) Beginning in fiscal year 2015 and continuing thereafter, of any money distributed by the commissioner under this section to a metropolitan county, as defined in section 473.121, subdivision 4, that exceeds the amount the county was eligible to receive under this section in fiscal year 2014: (1) at least 50 percent must be expended on activities in paragraph (a), clauses (9) to (11); and (2) the remainder must be expended on activities in paragraph (a), clauses (1) to (7) and (9) to (11), that advance the county toward achieving its recycling goal under section 115A.551.

Subd. 3.Eligibility.

(a) To be eligible to receive money distributed by the commissioner under this section, a county shall within one year of October 4, 1989:

(1) create a separate account in its general fund to credit the money; and

(2) set up accounting procedures to ensure that money in the separate account is spent only for the purposes in subdivision 2.

(b) In each following year, each county shall also:

(1) have in place an approved solid waste management plan or master plan including a recycling implementation strategy under section 115A.551, subdivision 7, and a household hazardous waste management plan under section 115A.96, subdivision 6, by the dates specified in those provisions;

(2) submit a report by April 1 of each year to the commissioner, which may be submitted electronically and must be posted on the agency's website, detailing for the previous calendar year:

(i) how the money was spent including, but not limited to, specific recycling and composting activities undertaken to increase the county's proportion of solid waste recycled in order to achieve its recycling goal established in section 115A.551; specific information on the number of employees performing SCORE planning, oversight, and administration; the percentage of those employees' total work time allocated to SCORE planning, oversight, and administration; the specific duties and responsibilities of those employees; and the amount of staff salary for these SCORE duties and responsibilities of the employees; and

(ii) the resulting gains achieved in solid waste management practices; and

(3) provide evidence to the commissioner that local revenue equal to 25 percent of the money sought for distribution under this section will be spent for the purposes in subdivision 2.

(c) The commissioner shall withhold all or part of the funds to be distributed to a county under this section if the county fails to comply with this subdivision and subdivision 2.

Subd. 4.Report.

The commissioner shall report on how the money was spent and the resulting statewide improvements in solid waste management to the senate and house of representatives committees having jurisdiction over ways and means, finance, environment and natural resources, and environment and natural resources finance. The report shall be included in the report required under section 115A.411.

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