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Subdivision 1.Appointment.

After the engineer's report is filed, the managers shall, with the least possible delay, appoint three disinterested resident owners of the state as appraisers.

Subd. 2.Oath.

An appraiser must subscribe to an oath to faithfully and impartially perform the appraiser's duties.

Subd. 3.Duties.

The appraisers shall with or without the engineer determine the benefits and damages to property affected by the proposed project, including property owned by the state or a state agency, highways, and other property likely to be affected by the proposed project or that may be used or taken for construction, implementation, or maintenance.

Subd. 4.Benefits and damages to state land.

For all watershed district projects, benefits and damages to property owned by the state or a state agency, held and used for the purposes described in sections 103E.025 and 103E.315, subdivision 1, must be determined using the procedure provided in sections 103E.025 and 103E.315, subdivision 1. If a state permit is required from the commissioner to construct the project, state land may not be taken, damaged, or benefited until the permit is issued.

Subd. 5.Compensation.

An appraiser may be paid on a per diem basis for each day the appraiser is necessarily engaged in the performance of duties and for actual and necessary expenses. The compensation shall be set by the managers, paid by the watershed district, and included in the cost of the project.

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