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1999 Minnesota Statutes

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136A.131 Accounting and records.

Subdivision 1. Accounts. The office shall establish and maintain appropriate accounts and related records of each recipient of a grant.

Subd. 2. Rules, payment and accounting. The office shall provide by rule the method of payment of the grant awarded and prescribe a system of accounting to be kept by the institution selected by a recipient.

Subd. 3. Certification to commissioner of finance. Upon proper verification for payment of a grant, the office shall certify to the commissioner of finance the amount of the current payment to be made to the grant recipient in conformance with the rule of the office governing the method of payment.

Subd. 4. Recovery of overpayments. A recipient of a grant must reimburse the office for overpayment. The amount of reimbursement is the difference between the amount received and the amount of actual entitlement as calculated by the office after it makes its final findings under section 136A.121 and rules implemented under that section. The amount of reimbursement may include any costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by the agency in collecting the debt. The reimbursement is recoverable from the recipient or the recipient's estate. The agency may institute a civil action, if necessary for recovery.

The recipient must not receive additional awards until the overpayment is recovered or the recipient is making payments under an approved plan. Additional awards for which the recipient is eligible may be used to recover an unreimbursed overpayment.

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