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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Table of Chapters, 245 to 267

Chapters Title
245Department of Human Services
245AHuman Services Licensing
245BServices for Developmental Disabilities
245CHuman Services Background Studies
245DHome and Community-based Services Standards
245EChild Care Assistance Program Fraud Investigations
246State-operated Services
246ACorporation for Delivery of Health Care and Related Services
246BSex Offender Program
247Owatonna State School
248Blind; Education, Rehabilitation
249State Training School; Boys, Girls
250Gillette Children's Hospital Board
251Care of Tuberculous Persons
252Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
252ADevelopmental Disability Protection
253Hospitals for Persons with Mental Illness
253AHospitalization and Commitment Act
253BCivil Commitment
253CResidential Treatment Programs: Reporting Requirements
253DCivil Commitment and Treatment of Sex Offenders
254Commitment of Certain Drug Users
254ATreatment for Alcohol and Drug Abuse
254BChemical Dependency Treatment
255Senile Persons
256Human Services
256AMedical Assistance for Aged Persons
256BMedical Assistance for Needy Persons
256CDisabled Persons
256DGeneral Assistance
256ECommunity Social Services
256FFamily Services Collaborative
256GUnitary Residence and Financial Responsibility
256HChild Care Programs
256IGroup Residential Housing
256JMinnesota Family Investment Program
256KServices for Homeless Families and Youth
256MVulnerable Children and Adults
256NNorthstar Care for Children
257Children; Custody, Legitimacy
257AChildren; Custody, Designated Caregiver
257BStandby Custodian; Designation; Guardian
257CDe Facto Custodian and Interested Third Party
258Maternity Hospitals
259Change of Name, Adoption
259AAdoption Assistance
260CJuvenile Safety and Placement
260DChild in Voluntary Foster Care for Treatment
261County Relief of Poor, General Provisions
262County System
263Town System
264St. Louis County
265County Old Age Pension System
267Office of Full Productivity and Opportunity

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