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2011 Statutes Index (topics)


Access to data

Examination reports, 2011 60A.03

Insurance producers, licensing and investigative data, 2011 60K.52

Agents of Commerce Department, 2011 60A.92

Audits and examinations

Conduct standards, 2011 61B.27

Fee schedules, 2011 60A.03

Contracts and agreements

Administrative services, insurance producers licensing, 2011 60K.38


Access, 2011 60A.03, 2011 60K.52

Insurance producers, licensing and investigative data, 2011 60K.52

Determination by, SVO listed mutual funds, 2011 60L.01

Examiner's handbook, 2011 60A.03, 2011 60A.031

Filing with

Insurance companies, 2011 60A.13, 2011 60A.135, 2011 60A.91

Risk retention groups, annual statements, 2011 60E.03

Surplus lines insurance, financial statements and audits, 2011 60A.206

Financial analysis ratios, examination synopses, confidential data, 2011 60A.93


Acquisition of control, preacquisition notification, 2011 60D.18

Annual statement blanks, 2011 60A.13

Insurance holding company systems, registration of insurers, 2011 60D.19

Insurance producers licensing, 2011 60K.31

Interim financial reports, 2011 60G.21

Long-term care insurance, 2011 62S.081

Medicare supplement insurance reporting forms, 2011 62A.319, 2011 62A.36

Purchasing groups (liability insurance), 2011 60E.08

Risk retention groups, 2011 60E.03, 2011 60E.04

Surplus lines insurers, nonadmitted insurers financial reporting forms, 2011 60A.206

Uniform business entity application, 2011 72B.02, 2011 72B.041

Uniform individual application, 2011 72B.02

Instructions, annual statements, title insurance, actuarial certification, compliance, 2011 68A.03

Insurance companies, reports, 2011 60A.135, 2011 60A.26, 2011 60A.61, 2011 60A.62

Insurance producer database, 2011 60K.39, 2011 60K.40, 2011 60K.52

Liability, annual statements, filing, 2011 60A.92

Publication by, insurance companies, 2011 60A.135

Regulatory information system ratios, 2011 61B.27

Shoppers' guides, long-term care insurance, 2011 62S.31

Valuation procedures

Admitted assets, 2011 60L.01

Assets, compliance, 2011 60A.11

Verification, nonresident insurance producers, licensing status, 2011 60K.39

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