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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 589. Habeas Corpus

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
589.01Writ of Habeas Corpus; Who May Apply
589.02Petition; to Whom and How Made
589.03Application for Writ in Another County; Proof Required
589.04Statements in Petition
589.05Form of Writ; Requirements
589.06Contents of Writ; When Sufficient
589.07Refusal to Grant; Penalty
589.08Return to Writ; Content Requirements
589.09Producing Person Required Except When Sick
589.10Enforcing the Writ
589.11Petitioner Held in Custody by Sheriff
589.12Proceedings on Return of Writ
589.13Discharging Petitioner
589.14Sending Petitioner Back to Custody
589.15Discharging Petitioner Held under Civil Process
589.16When Bail or Remand or Discharge Allowed
589.17Requiring Petitioner to Be Held in Custody until Judgment
589.18Notice Must Be Given to County Attorney or Attorney General
589.19Denial of Return; New Matter
589.20Proceedings in Case of Sickness of Petitioner
589.21Enforcing Order of Discharge
589.22Conditions under Which Discharged Petitioner May Be Incarcerated
589.23Transferring or Concealing Person; Forfeiture
589.24Refusing to Furnish Copy of Document Authorizing Detention
589.25Person Serving Writ; Bond
589.26Manner of Service of Writ
589.27When Return to Writ Must Be Made
589.28Power of Court Not Restrained
589.30Hearing on Appeal; Costs; Papers
589.35Release of Institutionalized Persons for Judicial Purposes

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