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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 558. Partition of Real Estate

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
558.01Partition, Sale; Who May Bring Action
558.02Summons; Service
558.04Judgment for Partition; Referees
558.05Dispute between Defendants No Defense
558.06Duty of Referees; Report; Expenses
558.07Confirmation of Report; Final Judgment
558.08Persons Not Affected
558.09Liens, How Affected
558.10Costs Apportioned
558.11Compensation Because of Inequality
558.12Indivisible Property May Be Set Off; Occupancy Assigned
558.13Occupant Liable to Cotenants; Trespass
558.14Sale May Be Ordered
558.15Liens; New Parties; No Sale, When
558.16Proceeds, How Applied
558.17Sale of Real Property under Action for Partition; Notice
558.18Persons Prohibited from Purchasing
558.19Purchase by Part Owner
558.20Report of Sale
558.21Final Judgment on Confirming Report
558.215Orders, Interlocutory Judgments; Appeals
558.22Claims to Proceeds, How Determined
558.23Record and Effect of Conveyances
558.24Sale of Part; Life Estate or for Years
558.25Estate for Life or Years, May Be Set Off or Sold
558.26Sum in Lieu of Estate; Investing Proceeds; Unknown Parties
558.27Future Estates
558.28Release of Contingent Interest
558.29Investment of Proceeds
558.30Share of Infant, How Paid
558.31Share of Incapable Person
558.32Proceedings When State a Party

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