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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 325L. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
325L.01Short Title
325L.04Prospective Application
325L.05Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures; Variation by Agreement
325L.06Construction and Application
325L.07Legal Recognition of Electronic Records, Electronic Signatures, and Electronic Contracts
325L.08Provision of Information in Writing; Presentation of Records
325L.09Attribution and Effect of Electronic Record and Electronic Signature
325L.10Effect of Change or Error
325L.11Notarization and Acknowledgment
325L.12Retention of Electronic Records; Originals
325L.13Admissibility in Evidence
325L.14Automated Transactions
325L.15Time and Place of Sending and Receipt
325L.16Transferable Record
325L.17Creation and Retention of Electronic Records and Conversion of Written Records by Governmental Agencies
325L.18Acceptance and Distribution of Electronic Records by Governmental Agencies

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