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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 18G. Plant Protection and Export Certification

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
18G.01Plant Protection; Powers of Commissioner
18G.03Powers and Duties of Commissioner
18G.04Eradication, Control, and Abatement of Nuisances; Issuing Control Orders
18G.05Discovery of Plant Pests; Official Marking of Infested or Infected Articles
18G.06Establishment of Quarantine Restrictions
18G.07Tree Care and Tree Trimming Company Registration
18G.09Shipment of Plant Pests and Biological Control Agents
18G.10Export Certification, Inspections, Certificates, Permits, and Fees
18G.11Cooperation with Other Jurisdictions
18G.12Invasive Species Management and Investigation
18G.13Local Pest Control
18G.14Mosquito Abatement
18G.16Repealed, 2007 c 57 art 1 s 170

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