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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 15C. False Claims Against the State

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
15C.02Liability for Certain Acts
15C.04Responsibilities of Prosecuting Attorney
15C.05Private Remedies; Complaint under Seal; Copy of Complaint and Written Disclosure of Evidence to Be Sent to Prosecuting Attorney
15C.06Prosecuting Attorney Intervention; Motion to Extend Time; Unsealing of Complaint
15C.07Service of Unsealed Complaint and Response by Defendant
15C.08Prosecuting Attorney and Private Party Roles
15C.09Stay of Discovery; Extension
15C.10Court-Imposed Limitation Upon Participation of Private Plaintiff in Action
15C.11Limitation of Actions; Remedies
15C.12Award of Expenses and Attorney Fees
15C.13Distribution to Private Plaintiff in Certain Actions
15C.14Repealed, 2013 c 16 s 8
15C.145Relief from Retaliatory Actions
15C.15Deposit of State Funds; False Claims Account

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