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Subdivision 1.Grants.

The commissioner may make grants to aid in the control of a shade tree pest. To be eligible, a grantee must have a pest control program approved by the commissioner that:

(1) defines tree ownership and who is responsible for the costs associated with control measures;

(2) defines the zone of infestation within which the control measures are to be applied;

(3) includes a tree inspector certified under section 89.63 and having the authority to enter and inspect private lands;

(4) has the means to enforce measures needed to limit the spread of shade tree pests; and

(5) provides that grant money received will be deposited in a separate fund to be spent only for the purposes authorized by this section.

Subd. 2.Grant eligibility.

The following are eligible for grants under this section:

(1) a home rule charter or statutory city or a town that exercises municipal powers under section 368.01 or any general or special law;

(2) a special park district organized under chapter 398;

(3) a special-purpose park and recreation board;

(4) a soil and water conservation district;

(5) a county; or

(6) any other organization with the legal authority to enter into contractual agreements.

Subd. 3.Rules; applicability to municipalities.

The rules and procedures adopted under this section by the commissioner apply in a municipality unless the municipality adopts an ordinance determined by the commissioner to be more stringent than the rules and procedures of the commissioner. The rules and procedures of the commissioner or the municipality apply to all state agencies, special purpose districts, and metropolitan commissions as defined in section 473.121, subdivision 5a, that own or control land adjacent to or within a zone of infestation.

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