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Subdivision 1.Requirement.

Every health maintenance contract, which in addition to covering the enrollee also provides coverage to the spouse, dependent children, which is defined as required by section 62A.302, and former spouse who was covered on the day before the entry of a valid decree of dissolution of marriage, of the enrollee shall: (1) permit the spouse, former spouse, and dependent children to elect to continue coverage when the enrollee becomes enrolled for benefits under title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare); and (2) permit the dependent children to continue coverage when they cease to be dependent children under the generally applicable requirement of the plan.

Subd. 2.Continuation privilege.

The coverage described in subdivision 1 may be continued until the earlier of the following dates:

(1) the date coverage would otherwise terminate under the contract;

(2) 36 months after continuation by the spouse, former spouse, or dependent was elected; or

(3) the date the spouse, former spouse, or dependent children become covered under another group health plan or Medicare.

If coverage is provided under a group policy, any required fees for the coverage shall be paid by the enrollee on a monthly basis to the group contract holder for remittance to the health maintenance organization. In no event shall the fee charged exceed 102 percent of the cost to the plan for such coverage for other similarly situated spouse and dependent children to whom subdivision 1 is not applicable, without regard to whether such cost is paid by the employer or employee.

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