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Subdivision 1.State cost-share for federal assistance.

State appropriations may be used to pay 100 percent of the nonfederal share for state agencies, local governments, and utility cooperatives under section 12.221. An appropriation from the bond proceeds fund may be used as cost-share for federal disaster assistance for publicly owned capital improvement projects.

Subd. 2.Grants for debris removal.

Within the limits of general fund appropriations in law, the commissioner may make grants to counties for costs related to the burial and removal of debris resulting from the disaster from residences and farms. The commissioner may require documentation of costs. Grants are available for debris removal and burial costs not covered by private insurance or federal reimbursement.

Subd. 2a.Long-term recovery assistance.

The commissioner may use appropriations to provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions or to make grants to counties, regional consortia, and nonprofit organizations working in the disaster area to provide assistance in coordinating long-term recovery activities related to the disaster.

Subd. 3.Waiver of contract approval procedures.

State and federal disaster assistance distributed by the commissioner of public safety is not subject to the contract approval procedures of chapter 16A, 16B, or 16C, or any other law. The commissioner of public safety may adopt internal procedures to administer and monitor these aids and grants.

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