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(a) A public entity, the owner of a sports facility, and an owner of a commercial building shall:

(1) ensure that facilities under its control, from which mixed municipal solid waste is collected, also collect at least three recyclable materials, such as, but not limited to, paper, glass, plastic, and metal; and

(2) transfer all recyclable materials collected to a recycler.

(b) For the purposes of this section:

(1) "public entity" means the state, an office, agency, or institution of the state, the Metropolitan Council, a metropolitan agency, the Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission, the legislature, the courts, a county, a statutory or home rule charter city, a town, a school district, a special taxing district, or any entity that receives an appropriation from the state for a capital improvement project after August 1, 2002;

(2) "metropolitan agency" and "Metropolitan Council" have the meanings given them in section 473.121;

(3) "Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission" means the commission created in section 473.702;

(4) "commercial building" means a building that:

(i) is located in a metropolitan county, as defined in section 473.121;

(ii) contains a business classified in sectors 42 to 81 under the North American Industrial Classification System; and

(iii) contracts for four cubic yards or more per week of solid waste collection; and

(5) "sports facility" means a professional or collegiate sports facility at which competitions take place before a public audience.

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