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If upon the trial of such action, or at any time before the execution of final judgment therein, it shall transpire that any proper party who may still be brought in has been omitted, or that any party then entitled to answer has not yet appeared, or that for any other reason the trial or judgment should be delayed, or the judgment as ordered or entered be modified, the court may postpone the trial, or make such other or further order in the premises as shall be just. If it be found that any indebtedness for which a lien is demanded be not then due, the same shall be allowed for the amount of its present worth. Judgment shall be given in favor of each lienholder for the amount demanded and proved, with costs and disbursements to be fixed by the court at the trial, and such amount shall not be included in the lien of any other party; but if, after judgment, a lienholder who is personally indebted for the amount of any lien so adjudged in favor of another shall pay such indebtedness, the lienholder shall thereby become subrogated to the rights of the person so paid.


(8503) RL s 3517; 1986 c 444

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Revisor of Statutes