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(a) The director is hereby empowered and directed to administer and enforce sections 88.03 to 88.22; and, to that end, may make and enforce all necessary or convenient rules not inconsistent with the provisions and purposes of these sections. In every case the powers delegated to, and the duties imposed upon, the director, and other state or municipal representatives by sections 88.03 to 88.22 shall be exercised and performed in good faith, without undue oppression, and in a manner as reasonable as the exigencies of the situation will permit.

(b) Nothing in sections 88.03 to 88.22 shall be construed as abrogating the laws specifically governing state parks or other public parks, or state or municipal forests. The provisions of all such laws and of sections 88.03 to 88.22 shall be harmonized and both given effect wherever possible.

(c) Nothing in sections 88.03 to 88.22 shall be construed as restricting the state, or any political subdivision thereof, in the exercise of any power, right, or privilege which may be conferred by separate enactment of the legislature under authority of the so-called forest fire prevention amendment to the state constitution, approved by vote of the electors of this state at the general election held in November 1924.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes