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(a) This section applies to a person who:

(1) was employed by the commissioner of the Department of Corrections or by the Department of Human Services;

(2) was covered by the correctional employee retirement plan under section 352.91 or the general state employees retirement plan of the Minnesota State Retirement System as defined in section 352.021;

(3) while employed under clause (1), was assaulted by:

(i) a person under correctional supervision for a criminal offense; or

(ii) a client or patient at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, or at a state-operated forensic services program as defined in section 352.91, subdivision 3j, under the control of the commissioner of the Department of Human Services; and

(4) as a direct result of the assault under clause (3), was determined to be totally and permanently physically disabled under laws governing the Minnesota State Retirement System.

(b) For a person to whom this section applies, the commissioner of the Department of Corrections or the commissioner of the Department of Human Services, using existing budget resources, must continue to make the employer contribution for medical and dental benefits under the State Employee Group Insurance Program after the person terminates state service. If the person had dependent coverage at the time of terminating state service, employer contributions for dependent coverage also must continue under this section. The employer contributions must be in the amount of the employer contribution for active state employees at the time each payment is made. The employer contributions must continue until the person reaches age 65, provided the person makes the required employee contributions, in the amount required of an active state employee, at the time and in the manner specified by the commissioner.

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