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Subdivision 1.Appropriation.

The St. Louis County Board may appropriate from the treasury of the county a sum not to exceed $2,500 each year for the promotion of historical work within its borders.

Subd. 2.Minnesota State Historical Society.

Said sum shall be so appropriated for the use of a historical society organized in said county and devoted to the collection, preservation and publication of historical material, the dissemination of historical information and in general carrying on historical work, said society to be designated by the Minnesota State Historical Society.

Subd. 3.Purpose of appropriation.

The work of said historical society shall be done in the county making such appropriation and in reference to the history of said county and all facts relevant thereto.

Subd. 4.Money to remain in county treasury.

The money appropriated as aforesaid shall remain in the treasury of the county and be paid out in payment of expense incurred by said county historical society for the purposes above indicated on verified bills approved by said local society according to its rules, in the same way that county bills are paid. Said appropriation shall be available for expense occurring in any year although not paid until the succeeding year. Any unused portion of any appropriation for any year shall revert to the funds of the county. Said appropriation shall be effective only for the year in which it is made.

Subd. 5.Minnesota War Record Commission.

It shall be lawful for the county historical society, designated as aforesaid, by the Minnesota Historical Society to carry on the work of the Minnesota War Records Commission in its county and to receive, on and after the year 1923, possession of all local war records of any local war records commission of its county subject to the approval of the state war records commission and the Minnesota Historical Society.

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