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The pendency of proceedings on appeal shall not of itself stay or suspend the operation of the order of the commission unless the commission so orders, but during the pendency of the proceedings the court in its discretion may stay or suspend, in whole or in part, the operation of the commission's order on terms it deems just, and in accordance with the practice of courts exercising equity jurisdiction. No stay shall be granted by the court without notice to the parties and opportunity to be heard. Any party shall have the right to secure from the court in which an appeal of an order of the commission is sought an order suspending or staying the operation of an order of the commission, pending an appeal of the order, but no commission order relating to rates or rules shall be stayed or suspended absent a finding that great or irreparable damage would otherwise result to the party seeking the stay or suspension, and any order staying or suspending a commission order shall specify the nature of the damage.

In case the order of the commission is stayed or suspended, the court shall require a bond with good and sufficient surety, conditioned that the public utility petitioning for review shall answer for all damages caused by the delay in enforcing the order of the commission, and for all compensation for whatever sums for transmission or service any person shall be compelled to pay pending review proceedings in excess of the sum the person or corporation would have been compelled to pay had the commission's order not been stayed or suspended. The court, may, in addition or in lieu of the bond require other further security for the payment of such excess damages or charges it deems proper.

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Revisor of Statutes