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(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraphs (c) and (d), the interest of a protected person in property is not transferable or assignable by the protected person. An attempted transfer or assignment by the protected person, although ineffective to affect property rights, may give rise to a claim against the protected person for restitution or damages which, subject to presentation and allowance, may be satisfied as provided in section 524.5-429.

(b) Upon appointment of a conservator, property vested in a protected person is not subject to levy, garnishment, or similar process for claims against the protected person unless allowed pursuant to section 524.5-429.

(c) A person without knowledge of the conservatorship who in good faith and for security or substantially equivalent value receives delivery from a protected person of tangible personal property of a type normally transferred by delivery of possession is protected as if the protected person or transferee had valid title.

(d) A third party who deals with the protected person with respect to property subject to a conservatorship is entitled to any protection provided in other law.

(e) Nothing in this section or in this article shall prevent the imposition, enforcement, or collection of a lien under sections 514.980 to 514.985.

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