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Subdivision 1.To whom given.

(a) Notice of the adoption proceedings shall not be given to any parent whose rights have been terminated or who has consented to the adoption of the child under this chapter.

(b) Notice of the adoption proceedings shall be given to the following:

(1) the child's tribe if the child is an Indian child;

(2) the responsible social services agency;

(3) the child's guardian ad litem;

(4) the child, if the child is age ten or over;

(5) the child's attorney; and

(6) the adopting parent.

(c) Notice of a hearing regarding the adoption petition shall have a copy of the petition attached unless service of the petition has already been accomplished.

Subd. 2.Method of service.

Notice of adoption proceedings for a child under the guardianship of the commissioner may be served by United States mail or any other method approved by the Minnesota Rules of Adoption Procedure.