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All decisions of mediation and arbitration which result from section 17.697 must consider the following factors:

(1) prices or projected prices for the agricultural commodity paid by the competing handlers in the market area or competing market areas worldwide;

(2) amount of the commodity produced or projections of production in the production area or competing marketing areas worldwide;

(3) relationship between the quantity produced and the quantity handled by the handler;

(4) the producers cost of production including the cost which would be involved in paying farm labor a fair wage rate and providing them with adequate housing;

(5) the efficiency of farm operations of similar size and the projected prices of alternative agricultural commodities grown in the market area;

(6) the cost of production of similar sized handlers;

(7) the average consumer prices for goods and services, commonly known as the cost of living;

(8) the component of the agricultural commodity that makes up the producer's income;

(9) the impact of the award on the competitive position of the handler in the marketing area or competing areas worldwide;

(10) the impact of the award on the competitive position of the agricultural commodity in relationship to competing commodities;

(11) a fair return on investment;

(12) kind, quality, or grade of the commodity involved;

(13) stipulation of the parties; and

(14) other factors which are normally or traditionally taken into consideration in determining prices, quality, quantity, and the costs of other services involved.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes