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During phase two, the commissioner shall issue a request for proposals (RFP) to the design-builders on the short list. The request must include:

(1) the scope of work, including (i) performance and technical requirements, (ii) conceptual design, (iii) specifications, and (iv) functional and operational elements for the delivery of the completed project, which must be prepared by a registered or licensed professional engineer;

(2) a description of the qualifications required of the design-builder and the selection criteria, including the weight or relative order, or both, of each criterion;

(3) copies of the contract documents that the successful proposer will be expected to sign;

(4) the maximum time allowable for design and construction;

(5) the road authority's estimated cost of design and construction;

(6) the requirement that a submitted proposal be segmented into two parts, a technical proposal and a price proposal;

(7) the requirement that each proposal be in a separately sealed, clearly identified package and include the date and time of the submittal deadline;

(8) the requirement that the technical proposal include a critical path method; bar schedule of the work to be performed, or similar schematic; design plans and specifications; technical reports; calculations; permit requirements; applicable development fees; and other data requested in the RFP;

(9) the requirement that the price proposal contain all design, construction, engineering, inspection, and construction costs of the proposed project;

(10) the date, time, and location of the public opening of the sealed price proposals; and

(11) other information relevant to the project.