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Subdivision 1.Manager control of contracts.

The managers have full control of contracts of the watershed district and matters pertaining to the contracts.

Subd. 2.Extending contracts.

If a contractor fails to complete a project within the time or in the manner specified in the contract, the managers may:

(1) extend the time for completion;

(2) refuse an extension of time;

(3) cancel the contract, readvertise, and award a new contract;

(4) require surety for the contractor to complete the project;

(5) proceed to have the contract otherwise completed at the expense of the contractor and the surety; or

(6) take other action with reference to the contract in the interest of the watershed district.

Subd. 3.Engineer authority over contractor.

Applicable provisions of chapter 103E govern the relations between the engineer and the contractor, including the examination and report of the engineer and the amount and time of payment.

Subd. 4.Expense record.

(a) The managers shall keep an accurate account of all expenses incurred, including:

(1) the compensation of the engineer and the engineer's assistants;

(2) the compensation and expenses of the appraisers as provided in section 103D.715, subdivision 5;

(3) the compensation of the petitioners' attorney;

(4) the cost of petitioners' bond;

(5) the fees of all county officials necessitated by the project, which are in addition to all fees otherwise allowed by law; and

(6) the time and expenses of all employees of the watershed district, including the expenses of the managers, while engaged in an authorized project.

(b) Fees and expenses shall be audited, allowed, and paid upon the order of the managers and shall be charged to and be treated as a part of the cost of the project.