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Subdivision 1.At least fee simple.

No lesser estate than a fee simple, except an appurtenant easement as defined in subdivision 2, and no mortgage, lien, or other charge upon land, shall be registered, unless the estate in fee simple therein is registered; but the fact that the estate or interest of the applicant is subject to any outstanding lesser estate or to a mortgage or other charge or lien shall not prevent its registration, and when a dock or harbor line has been established by federal authority, the estate and interest of a riparian proprietor in the submerged lands lying between the original shore line and such established dock line may be registered under this chapter, subject to the rights of the state of Minnesota in its sovereign capacity in the same, and such registration shall not in any manner affect or change the rights of the state with respect to such lands.

Subd. 2.Exception for appurtenant easements.

An appurtenant easement over unregistered land may be registered when the fee simple estate to which it is appurtenant has been registered or is registered concurrently with the registration of such easement. The word "land" in this chapter, except as contained in sections 508.37 and 508.47, subdivisions 2 to 7, shall include those appurtenant easements designated in this subdivision and all requirements for the registration of land shall also apply to the registration of such an appurtenant easement. Such an appurtenant easement shall remain in full force and effect after registration until the filing on the certificate of title of an order of the court terminating the easement.

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