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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

383C.04 LAYOFFS.

Whenever any employee in the classified service, who has been performing all duties in a satisfactory manner, as shown by the records of the employing department or other agency, is laid off because of lack of work or lack of funds, or has been on authorized leave of absence for more than one year and is ready to report for duty when a position is open, or has resigned in good standing and with the consent of the county civil service commission and the employing department, and has withdrawn the resignation without being restored to the position, the civil service director shall cause the name of such employee to be placed on the reemployment list for the appropriate class. No reemployment list shall be valid for more than two years. The order in which names shall be placed on the reemployment list for any class shall be established by rule. No person shall be reinstated or be restored to a reemployment list unless such resignation is withdrawn within one year after it has been presented and accepted.


1941 c 423 s 11; 1986 c 444