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Members of the county civil service commission shall hold regular meetings at least once each month and may hold such additional meetings as may be required in the proper discharge of their duties. Meetings of the commission shall be open to the public. The commission shall keep records and minutes of its business and official actions and such records and minutes shall be public records open to public inspection, subject to such rules as to hours and conditions of inspection as the commission may establish. It shall be the duty of the county civil service commission as a body:

(a) After public hearing to adopt such rules and regulations for the administration of sections 383C.03 to 383C.059, such classification and compensation plans for the classified service, together with rules for their administration, and amendments thereof as may be recommended by the civil service director after a thorough survey of personnel organization included in such plan or plans, and suitable regulations covering vacations, leave of absence and sick leave, the order of layoff in case of a curtailment in the number of employees in any class in any department, compulsory retirement at a fixed age, and any other conditions affecting the employment of persons within the classified service, which, when approved by the board of county commissioners, shall have the force and effect of law and be binding upon all county officers, boards and commissions. Rules and regulations affecting employees of the local social services agency should be in conformance with any federal regulations established by the Social Security Board.

(b) To make investigations either on petition of a citizen or of its own motion concerning the enforcement and effect of sections 383C.03 to 383C.059, to require observance of its provisions and the rules and regulations made thereunder.

(c) To hear and determine appeals or complaints respecting the administrative work of the civil service director, the rejection of an applicant for admission to an examination, and such other matters as may be referred to the commission by the civil service director.

(d) To make such investigations as may be requested by the board of county commissioners and to report thereon.