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Subdivision 1.Payments to retire debt first, then county may buy.

The county of Hennepin and the city of Bloomington may enter into contracts for terms not to exceed ten years and may enter into leases in connection with court and court-related activities. The term of any lease entered into by the county of Hennepin with the city of Bloomington shall not exceed the period required to service the debt on the bonds authorized by Laws 1983, chapter 523, article 12, section 1. Lease payments shall be irrevocably pledged to the payment of the debt. Upon the retirement of the debt created under Laws 1983, chapter 523, article 12, section 1, the city may lease space in the court building and related facilities to the county as the county may need for court purposes for periods not to exceed five years. If the city and the county deem it to be in the best interests of the public served by the facilities, the county may purchase them after retirement of the debt, or upon guaranteeing the servicing of the debt, at mutually agreed-upon terms.