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Subdivision 1.Who must keep.

The following classes of persons shall keep records that fully and correctly disclose all transactions involved in their businesses:

(1) persons in the business, for intrastate commerce, of slaughtering animals or preparing, freezing, packaging, or labeling animal carcasses, parts, or products of carcasses for use as human or animal food;

(2) persons in the intrastate business of buying or selling (as meat brokers, wholesalers, or otherwise), transporting, or storing animal carcasses or parts or products of animal carcasses; and

(3) persons in the intrastate business of rendering, or in the intrastate business of buying, selling, or transporting dead, dying, disabled, or diseased animals or parts of the carcasses of animals that died other than by slaughter.

Subd. 1a.Examination of records, facilities.

Upon notice by an authorized representative of the commissioner, persons subject to this section shall, at all reasonable times, give the representative and an authorized representative of the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States accompanied by a representative of the commissioner access to their places of business and opportunity to examine the facilities, inventory, and records of the business, to copy business records, and to take reasonable samples of their inventory upon payment of the fair market value of the samples.

Subd. 2.Retention.

Records required by this section must be maintained for the period of time the commissioner prescribes by rule.

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