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Subdivision 1.

[Repealed, 2011 c 106 s 27]

Subd. 2.Amended title and other conforming amendments.

The declaration of trust, as defined in section 318.02, subdivision 1, of the association must be amended to identify it as the "articles of an association electing to be treated as a nonprofit corporation." All references in this chapter to "articles" or "articles of incorporation" include the declaration of trust of an electing association. If the declaration of trust includes a provision prohibited by this chapter for inclusion in articles of incorporation, omits a provision required by this chapter to be included in articles of incorporation, or is inconsistent with this chapter, the electing association shall amend its declaration of trust to conform to the requirements of this chapter. The appropriate provisions of the association's declaration of trust or bylaws or chapter 318 control the manner of adoption of the amendments required by this subdivision.

Subd. 3.Method of election.

An election by an association under subdivision 2 must be made by resolution approved by the affirmative vote of the trustees of the association and by the affirmative vote of the members or other persons with voting rights in the association. The affirmative vote of both the trustees of the association and of the members or other persons with voting rights, if any, in the association must be of the same proportion that is required for an amendment of the declaration of trust of the association before the election, in each case upon proper notice that a purpose of the meeting is to consider an election by the association to cease to be an association subject to and governed by chapter 318 and to become and be a nonprofit corporation subject to and governed by this chapter. The resolution and the articles of the amendment of the declaration of trust must be filed with the secretary of state and are effective upon filing, or a later date as may be set forth in the filed resolution. Upon the effective date, without any other action or filing by or on behalf of the association, the association automatically is subject to this chapter in the same manner and to the same extent as though it had been formed as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to this chapter. Upon the effective date of the election, the association is not considered to be a new entity, but is considered to be a continuation of the same entity.

Subd. 4.Effects of election.

Upon the effective date of an association's election under subdivision 3, and consistent with the continuation of the association under this chapter:

(1) the organization has the rights, privileges, immunities, powers, and is subject to the duties and liabilities, of a corporation formed under this chapter;

(2) all real or personal property, debts, including debts arising from a subscription for membership and interests belonging to the association, continue to be the real and personal property, and debts of the organization without further action;

(3) an interest in real estate possessed by the association does not revert to the grantor, or otherwise, nor is it in any way impaired by reason of the election, and the personal property of the association does not revert by reason of the election;

(4) except where the will or other instrument provides otherwise, a devise, bequest, gift, or grant contained in a will or other instrument, in a trust or otherwise, made before or after the election has become effective, to or for the association, inures to the organization;

(5) the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the association continue to be the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the organization, just as if the debts, liabilities, and obligations had been incurred or contracted by the organization after the election;

(6) existing claims or a pending action or proceeding by or against the association may be prosecuted to judgment as though the election had not been affected;

(7) the liabilities of the trustees, members, officers, directors, or similar groups or persons, however denominated, of the association, are not affected by the election;

(8) the rights of creditors or liens upon the property of the association are not impaired by the election;

(9) an electing association may merge with one or more nonprofit corporations in accordance with the applicable provisions of this chapter, and either the association or a nonprofit corporation may be the surviving entity in the merger; and

(10) the provisions of the bylaws of the association that are consistent with this chapter remain or become effective and provisions of the bylaws that are inconsistent with this chapter are not effective.