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Subdivision 1.Employer's duty.

Except as provided in section 299F.096, subdivision 2, an employer who receives a hazardous substance notification report shall submit to the local fire department a completed hazardous substance notification report form containing the information and in the manner required by this section and the rules of the commissioner, within two months after receiving a hazardous substance notification report. As an alternative, an employer may, at the discretion of the local fire department, arrange with the local fire department for a date certain upon which that department may conduct an inspection of that employer's workplace in order for the employer to provide the information, or essentially the same information, as contained in the report form to the local fire department.

Subd. 2.Contents of form.

The hazardous substance notification report must be completed on a form developed by the commissioner of public safety and contain the following information:

(1) the range of maximum combined quantities of all hazardous substances contained in each designated hazard category that may reasonably be expected to be present in the workplace during normal operations;

(2) the street address and any other special identifier of the workplace; and

(3) the employer's name and street address with the telephone numbers of responsible persons in charge of the workplace who can be reached at all times.

Subd. 3.Updated information.

If, after review of the hazardous substance notification report of an employer, a local fire department requires additional information, then the employer:

(1) shall provide, at the request of that fire department, a material safety data sheet, or any requested portion of it, for any hazardous substance contained in any designated hazard category covered by the hazardous substance notification report; and

(2) shall respond as soon as possible, but in no case later than 30 days, to a request by a local fire department for clarification of any information previously submitted or to a request for additional information under sections 299F.091 to 299F.099.

Subd. 4.Prompt notification of change.

An employer shall promptly notify the local fire department of significant changes in the information provided under this section, but not later than 30 days after each significant change.

Subd. 5.Inspection; emergency plans.

At the request of the local fire department, an employer shall permit the local fire department inspection and cooperate in the preparation of fire and emergency plans.