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Subdivision 1.Procedure.

(a) A rulemaking hearing must be conducted under chapter 14.

(b) Notwithstanding chapter 14, other hearings under this chapter, except hearings under paragraph (a), shall be conducted by the board under this section. The board may refer the hearing to one or more members of the board or an administrative law judge to hear evidence and make findings of fact and report them to the board.

Subd. 2.Procedure for noncontroversial plans or petitions.

(a) If the board finds that a watershed management plan or petition that would be given a hearing under subdivision 1, paragraph (b), is noncontroversial, the board may, except in a proceeding to establish or terminate a watershed district, proceed under this subdivision.

(b) The board must give notice that the watershed management plan or petition has been filed. The notice must be made:

(1) by publication in a legal newspaper in each county affected by the watershed district;

(2) by mail to the auditor of each county affected by the watershed management plan or petition; and

(3) by mail to the chief executive officer of each city affected.

(c) The notice must:

(1) describe the actions proposed by the plan or petition;

(2) invite written comments on the plan or petition for consideration by the board;

(3) state that a person who objects to the actions proposed in the plan or petition may submit a written request for hearing to the board within 30 days of the last publication of the notice of filing of the plan or petition; and

(4) state that if a timely request for hearing is not received, the board may make a decision on the plan or petition at a future meeting of the board.

(d) If one or more timely requests for hearing are received, the board must hold a hearing on the plan or petition.

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