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Subdivision 1.Scaling agreement.

The commissioner may enter into an agreement with either a timber sale permittee, or the purchaser of the cut products, or both, so that the scaling of the cut timber and the collection of the payment for the same can be consummated by the state. Such an agreement shall be approved as to form and content by the attorney general and shall provide for a bond or cash in lieu of a bond and such other safeguards as are necessary to protect the interests of the state. The scaling and payment collection procedure may be used for any state timber sale, except that no permittee who is also the consumer shall both cut and scale the timber sold unless such scaling is supervised by a state scaler.

Subd. 2.Weight measurement services; fees.

The commissioner may enter into an agreement with the owner or operator of any weight scale inspected, tested, and approved under chapter 239 to provide weight measurements for the scaling of state timber according to section 90.251. The agreement shall be on a form prescribed by the attorney general, shall become a part of the official record of any state timber permit so scaled, and shall contain safeguards that are necessary to protect the interests of the state. Except as otherwise provided by the commissioner, the cost of any agreement to provide weight measurement of state timber shall be paid by the permit holder of any state timber permit so measured and the cost shall be included in the statement of the amount due for the permit under section 90.181, subdivision 1.

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