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Subdivision 1.Classes.

The commissioner shall, as provided in this chapter, classify nonnative species of aquatic plants and wild animals according to the following categories:

(1) prohibited invasive species, which may not be possessed, imported, purchased, sold, propagated, transported, or introduced except as provided in section 84D.05;

(2) regulated invasive species, which may not be introduced except as provided in section 84D.07;

(3) unlisted nonnative species, which are subject to the classification procedure in section 84D.06; and

(4) unregulated nonnative species, which are not subject to regulation under this chapter.

Subd. 2.Criteria.

The commissioner shall consider the following criteria in classifying a nonnative species of aquatic plants or wild animals under this chapter:

(1) the likelihood of introduction of the species if it is allowed to enter or exist in the state;

(2) the likelihood that the species would naturalize in the state were it introduced;

(3) the magnitude of potential adverse impacts of the species on native species and on outdoor recreation, commercial fishing, and other uses of natural resources in the state;

(4) the ability to eradicate or control the spread of the species once it is introduced in the state; and

(5) other criteria the commissioner deems appropriate.

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