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Any insurance company transacting the business of life or casualty insurance upon the cooperative or assessment plan under any law of this state may, upon so providing in its articles or bylaws, elect to ascertain and apportion to its outstanding policies or certificates the respective accumulations upon each such policy or certificate, and to carry to the credit of each such policy or certificate the future net premiums or assessments and the accretions thereto, less its equitable contribution to the death claims and other benefits, and that the premiums or assessments upon any such policy or certificate may, upon such credit becoming exhausted, be increased as may be necessary to meet its share of death claims and other benefits, and that the holder of any such policy or certificate may be granted extended or paid-up insurance or the right to convert into any other form of policy or insurance then being issued by such company and to have the credit on such former policy or certificate applied to such new policy or insurance. When making the ascertainment and apportionment, account shall be taken of the premiums or assessments theretofore paid and of the death claims and other benefits which should be borne by the policy or certificate, of the interest earnings and other accretions to the accumulated funds, and of other matters which should equitably be taken into consideration for the purposes of the apportionment. Subject to such adjustment as shall be equitable, the experience of the company, or any table of mortality recognized for the purpose of insurance and any law of this state, may be used as a basis for the ascertainment and apportionment herein authorized; provided, that any company availing itself of the provisions of this section shall, in its articles or bylaws, specify the table of mortality and rate of interest which are to be the basis for the charges thereafter to be made to the policies or certificates aforesaid; and, provided, further, that when any table of mortality is specified in any policy that table shall be followed.

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