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376.04 ELECTION.

The question of purchasing and constructing hospital buildings shall be submitted to the voters of any county at a general election. This election must be called by a resolution of the county board. The resolution must state the time of the election, that a county hospital is proposed to be established, the proposed location, and the cost, including equipment, for not more than the amount stated in the resolution. When the resolutions are passed, the county auditor shall immediately notify each town or city clerk in the county that the question of constructing hospital buildings will be voted upon at the time stated in the resolution, in the manner provided under the state election laws.

The ballot must be in the following form:

"For the purchase and construction of hospital buildings, including equipment, to be located at ............... (state location), at a cost not more than .............. (state amount), pursuant to the resolution of the board of county commissioners passed .................. (state date).

Yes .
No . "

To the left of each of the last two words, "yes" and "no," shall be printed an oval or similar target shape so that the voter may indicate by a mark either a negative or affirmative vote. These votes shall be cast in the same manner as votes cast at the general election and counted by the same officers. Returns must be made to the county auditor, and canvassed in the same manner as the returns on county officers.

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