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(a) It is a violation of sections 325E.061 to 325E.065 for a farm equipment manufacturer to coerce a farm equipment dealer to accept delivery of farm equipment which the farm equipment dealer has not voluntarily ordered.

(b) It is a violation of sections 325E.061 to 325E.065 for a farm equipment manufacturer to:

(1) condition or attempt to condition the sale of farm equipment on a requirement that the farm equipment dealer also purchase other goods or services; except that a farm equipment manufacturer may require the dealer to purchase all parts reasonably necessary to maintain the quality of operation in the field of any farm equipment used in the trade area and telecommunication necessary to communicate with the farm equipment manufacturer;

(2) coerce a farm equipment dealer into a refusal to purchase the farm equipment manufactured by another farm equipment manufacturer;

(3) discriminate in the prices charged for farm equipment of like grade and quality sold by the farm equipment manufacturer to similarly situated farm equipment dealers. The clause does not prevent the use of differentials which make only due allowance for difference in the cost of manufacture, sale, or delivery or for the differing methods or quantities in which the farm equipment is sold or delivered, by the farm equipment manufacturer; or

(4) attempt or threaten to terminate, cancel, fail to renew, or substantially change the competitive circumstances of the dealership agreement if the attempt or threat is based on the results of a natural disaster, including a sustained drought in the dealership market area, a labor dispute, or other circumstance beyond the dealer's control.

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