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Subdivision 1.Cleaning.

Before being reused, dairy product containers which may be used more than once shall be cleaned in accordance with rules promulgated in the manner provided by law by the commissioner, except, that in no instance shall such rules serve to eliminate any producers product from the market, whose present method of production, bears no evidence of endangering the health of the consumers. All rules heretofore adopted by the commissioner relating to the cleaning of dairy product containers which are in effect at the time Laws 1961, chapter 147, article 4, section 1 takes effect and which are not in conflict with this section, shall remain in effect until amended, modified, or repealed by the commissioner.

Subd. 2.Return.

Every person, receiving any dairy product in containers which may be used more than once and which are to be returned to the sender or seller shall cause such containers to be promptly emptied, thoroughly cleansed as required by rules promulgated by the commissioner, and immediately returned.

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Revisor of Statutes