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Chapter 256I

Section 256I.03


Recent History


Subdivision 1.Scope.

For the purposes of sections 256I.01 to 256I.06, the terms defined in this section have the meanings given them.

Subd. 1a.Agency.

"Agency" has the meaning given in section 256P.01, subdivision 2.

Subd. 1b.Assistance unit.

"Assistance unit" means an individual who is applying for or receiving benefits under this chapter.

Subd. 2.Group residential housing rate.

"Group residential housing rate" means a monthly rate set for shelter, fuel, food, utilities, household supplies, and other costs necessary to provide room and board for eligible individuals. Group residential housing rate does not include payments for foster care for children who are not blind, child welfare services, medical care, dental care, hospitalization, nursing care, drugs or medical supplies, program costs, or other social services. The rate is negotiated by the county agency according to the provisions of sections 256I.01 to 256I.06.

Subd. 3.Group residential housing.

"Group residential housing" means a group living situation that provides at a minimum room and board to unrelated persons who meet the eligibility requirements of section 256I.04. To receive payment for a group residence rate, the residence must meet the requirements under section 256I.04, subdivisions 2a to 2f.

Subd. 4.

[Repealed, 1Sp1993 c 1 art 8 s 29]

Subd. 5.MSA equivalent rate.

"MSA equivalent rate" means an amount equal to the total of:

(1) the combined maximum shelter and basic needs standards for MSA recipients living alone specified in section 256D.44, subdivisions 2, paragraph (a); and 3, paragraph (a); plus

(2) the maximum allotment authorized by the federal Food Stamp Program for a single individual which is in effect on the first day of July each year; less

(3) the personal needs allowance authorized for medical assistance recipients under section 256B.35.

The MSA equivalent rate is to be adjusted on the first day of July each year to reflect changes in any of the component rates under clauses (1) to (3).

Subd. 6.Medical assistance room and board rate.

"Medical assistance room and board rate" means an amount equal to the medical assistance income standard for a single individual living alone in the community less the medical assistance personal needs allowance under section 256B.35. For the purposes of this section, the amount of the group residential housing rate that exceeds the medical assistance room and board rate is considered a remedial care cost. A remedial care cost may be used to meet a spenddown obligation under section 256B.056, subdivision 5. The medical assistance room and board rate is to be adjusted on the first day of January of each year.

Subd. 7.Countable income.

"Countable income" means all income received by an applicant or recipient as described under section 256P.06, less any applicable exclusions or disregards. For a recipient of any cash benefit from the SSI program, countable income means the SSI benefit limit in effect at the time the person is a recipient of group residential housing, less the medical assistance personal needs allowance under section 256B.35. If the SSI limit or benefit is reduced for a person due to events other than receipt of additional income, countable income means actual income less any applicable exclusions and disregards.

Subd. 8.Supplementary services.

"Supplementary services" means services provided to residents of group residential housing providers in addition to room and board including, but not limited to, oversight and up to 24-hour supervision, medication reminders, assistance with transportation, arranging for meetings and appointments, and arranging for medical and social services.

Subd. 9.Direct contact.

"Direct contact" means providing face-to-face care, training, supervision, counseling, consultation, or medication assistance to recipients of group residential housing.

Subd. 10.Habitability inspection.

"Habitability inspection" means an inspection to determine whether the housing occupied by an individual meets the habitability standards specified by the commissioner. The standards must be provided to the applicant in writing and posted on the Department of Human Services Web site.

Subd. 11.Long-term homelessness.

"Long-term homelessness" means lacking a permanent place to live:

(1) continuously for one year or more; or

(2) at least four times in the past three years.

Subd. 12.Professional statement of need.

"Professional statement of need" means a statement about an individual's illness, injury, or incapacity that is signed by a qualified professional. The statement must specify that the individual has an illness or incapacity which limits the individual's ability to work and provide self-support. The statement must also specify that the individual needs assistance to access or maintain housing, as evidenced by the need for two or more of the following services:

(1) tenancy supports to assist an individual with finding the individual's own home, landlord negotiation, securing furniture and household supplies, understanding and maintaining tenant responsibilities, conflict negotiation, and budgeting and financial education;

(2) supportive services to assist with basic living and social skills, household management, monitoring of overall well-being, and problem solving;

(3) employment supports to assist with maintaining or increasing employment, increasing earnings, understanding and utilizing appropriate benefits and services, improving physical or mental health, moving toward self-sufficiency, and achieving personal goals; or

(4) health supervision services to assist in the preparation and administration of medications other than injectables, the provision of therapeutic diets, taking vital signs, or providing assistance in dressing, grooming, bathing, or with walking devices.

Subd. 13.Prospective budgeting.

"Prospective budgeting" means estimating the amount of monthly income a person will have in the payment month.

Subd. 14.Qualified professional.

"Qualified professional" means an individual as defined in section 256J.08, subdivision 73a, or Minnesota Rules, part 9530.6450, subpart 3, 4, or 5; or an individual approved by the director of human services or a designee of the director.

Subd. 15.Supportive housing.

"Supportive housing" means housing with support services according to the continuum of care coordinated assessment system established under Code of Federal Regulations, title 24, section 578.3.

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