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Subdivision 1.When and where filed by committees.

(a) A committee or a candidate who receives contributions or makes disbursements of more than $750 in a calendar year shall submit an initial report to the filing officer within 14 days after the candidate or committee receives or makes disbursements of more than $750 and shall continue to make the reports listed in paragraph (b) until a final report is filed.

(b) The committee or candidate must file a report by January 31 of each year following the year when the initial report was filed and in a year when the candidate's name or a ballot question appears on the ballot, the candidate or committee shall file a report:

(1) ten days before the primary or special primary;

(2) ten days before the general election or special election; and

(3) 30 days after a general or special election.

Subd. 2.Information required.

The report to be filed by a candidate or committee must include:

(1) the name of the candidate or ballot question;

(2) the printed name, address, telephone number, signature, and e-mail address, if available, of the person responsible for filing the report;

(3) the total cash on hand designated to be used for political purposes;

(4) the total amount of contributions and disbursements for the period from the last previous report to five days before the current report is due;

(5) the amount, date, and purpose for each disbursement; and

(6) the name, address, and employer, or occupation if self-employed, of any individual or committee that during the year has made one or more contributions that in the aggregate exceed $100, and the amount and date of each contribution. The filing officer must restrict public access to the address of any individual who has made a contribution that exceeds $100 and who has filed with the filing officer a written statement signed by the individual that withholding the individual's address from the financial report is required for the safety of the individual or the individual's family.

Subd. 3.Municipal charter provisions and special laws saved.

The provisions of this section requiring the filing of reports are in addition to the provisions of any municipal charter requiring the filing of reports in connection with a municipal primary, general election, special primary, or special election, but they do not replace special laws providing filing requirements for a municipality.

Subd. 4.Congressional candidates.

Candidates for election to the United States House of Representatives or Senate and any political committees raising money and making disbursements exclusively on behalf of any one of those candidates may file copies of their financial disclosures required by federal law in lieu of the financial statement required by this section. A candidate or committee whose report is published on the Federal Election Commission Web site has complied with the filing requirements of this section.

Subd. 5.Electronic reporting.

The reports required by this section may be filed electronically, subject to the approval of the filing officer.

Subd. 6.Online accessibility; reports.

(a) The filing officer of a local government shall make all reports required to be filed with the local government under this section available on the local government's Web site, if the local government maintains a Web site. The filing officer must post the reports on the local government's Web site as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of the report. The local government must make the reports available on the local government's Web site for four years from the date the report was posted to the Web site.

(b) The filing officer shall provide the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board with the link to the section of the Web site where reports are made available pursuant to paragraph (a). The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board shall publish on its Web site each link that a filing officer provides pursuant to this paragraph.

(c) This subdivision does not apply to a statutory or home rule charter city or town if the statutory or home rule charter city or town has fewer than 400 registered voters as of January 1 of the year in which the election is to be held.

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