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(a) In addition to the requirements of section 10A.322, to be eligible to receive a public subsidy under section 10A.31 a candidate or the candidate's treasurer must:

(1) between January 1 of the previous year and the cutoff date for transactions included in the report of receipts and expenditures due before the primary election, accumulate contributions from individuals eligible to vote in this state in at least the amount indicated for the office sought, counting only the first $50 received from each contributor, excluding in-kind contributions:

(i) candidates for governor and lieutenant governor running together, $35,000;

(ii) candidates for attorney general, $15,000;

(iii) candidates for secretary of state and state auditor, separately, $6,000;

(iv) candidates for the senate, $3,000; and

(v) candidates for the house of representatives, $1,500;

(2) file an affidavit with the board stating that the principal campaign committee has complied with this paragraph. The affidavit must state the total amount of contributions that have been received from individuals eligible to vote in this state, excluding:

(i) the portion of any contribution in excess of $50;

(ii) any in-kind contribution; and

(iii) any contribution for which the name and address of the contributor is not known and recorded; and

(3) submit the affidavit required by this section to the board in writing by the deadline for reporting of receipts and expenditures before a primary under section 10A.20, subdivision 4.

(b) A candidate for a vacancy to be filled at a special election for which the filing period does not coincide with the filing period for the general election must accumulate the contributions specified in paragraph (a) and must submit the affidavit required by this section to the board within five days after the close of the filing period for the special election for which the candidate filed.

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