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No membership travel operator shall offer a gift, either directly or indirectly, to a person in Minnesota unless the membership travel operator clearly discloses the following information at the same time and in the same manner and prominence as the offer of the gift:

(1) the true name or names of the travel club operator and the address of the travel club operator's principal place of business;

(2) the estimated retail value of the gift, which must not be more than twice the direct cost to the membership travel operator for the gift;

(3) any requirement that the person receiving the notice pay taxes, refundable or nonrefundable deposits, or any other charges to obtain or use a gift, including the nature and amount of the charges;

(4) if receipt of the gift is subject to a requirement that the person attend a meeting with the travel club operator for the purpose of soliciting the person to enter into a membership travel contract, a statement that the requirement applies, a description of the membership travel contract the membership travel operator wishes to sell, the approximate length of the meeting, and the requested price for the membership travel contract;

(5) any limitations on eligibility to receive the gift; and

(6) if use of the gift is subject to any restrictions, including, but not limited to, travel restrictions, a statement that a restriction applies, and a detailed description of the restriction.


2005 c 70 s 2