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Subdivision 1.Actions creating dissenters' rights.

Subject to a member control agreement under section 322B.37, a member of a limited liability company may dissent from, and obtain payment for the fair value of the member's membership interests in the event of, any of the following limited liability company actions:

(1) unless otherwise provided in the articles, an amendment of the articles of organization, but not an amendment to a member control agreement, which materially and adversely affects the rights or preferences of the membership interests of the dissenting member in that it:

(i) alters or abolishes a preferential right of the membership interests;

(ii) creates, alters, or abolishes a right in respect of the redemption of the membership interests, including a provision respecting a sinking fund for the redemption or repurchase of the membership interests;

(iii) alters or abolishes a preemptive right of the owner of the membership interests to make a contribution;

(iv) excludes or limits the right of a member to vote on a matter, or to cumulate votes, except as the right may be excluded or limited through the acceptance of contributions or the making of contribution agreements pertaining to membership interests with similar or different voting rights;

(v) changes a member's right to resign or retire;

(vi) establishes or changes the conditions for or consequences of expulsion; or

(vii) eliminates the right to obtain payment under clause (1);

(2) a sale, lease, transfer, or other disposition of property and assets of the limited liability company that requires member approval under section 322B.77, subdivision 2, but not including a disposition in dissolution described in section 322B.813, subdivision 4, or a disposition pursuant to an order of a court, or a disposition for cash on terms requiring that all or substantially all of the net proceeds of disposition be distributed to the members in accordance with their respective membership interests within one year after the date of disposition;

(3) a plan of merger to which the limited liability company is a constituent organization;

(4) a plan of exchange to which the limited liability company is a party as the organization whose ownership interests will be acquired by the acquiring organization, if the membership interests being acquired are entitled to be voted on the plan;

(5) a plan of conversion is adopted under section 322B.783 and becomes effective; or

(6) any other limited liability company action taken pursuant to a member vote with respect to which the articles of organization, a member control agreement, the bylaws, or a resolution approved by the board of governors directs that dissenting members may obtain payment for their membership interests.

Subd. 2.Other rights.

The members of a limited liability company who have a right under this section to obtain payment for their membership interests do not have a right at law or in equity to have a limited liability company action described in subdivision 1 set aside or rescinded, except when the limited liability company action is fraudulent with regard to the complaining member or the limited liability company.

Subd. 3.Rights not to apply.

If a date is fixed according to section 322B.356, subdivision 1, for the determination of members entitled to receive notice of and to vote on an action described in subdivision 1, only members as of the date fixed may exercise dissenters' rights.

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