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It shall be the duty of the laboratory director, managers, and analysts to make analyses and examinations of such articles as shall be furnished to them by the commissioner, for the purpose of determining from such examination whether such articles are adulterated, misbranded, insufficiently labeled, unwholesome, poisonous, or deleterious and whether such articles have been manufactured, used, sold, transported, offered for use, sale, or transportation, or had in possession with intent to use, sell, or transport in violation of any law now or hereafter enacted relating to food, or of any definition, standard, rule, or ruling made and published thereunder, and to certify the result of such analysis and examination to the commissioner. A copy of the result of the examination or analysis of any such article, duly authenticated, by the analyst making such determinations or examination, under oath of such analyst, shall be prima facie evidence in all courts of the matters and facts therein contained.