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Subdivision 1.Total clock hours required.

At the time of license renewal, a licensee must provide evidence satisfactory to the board that the licensee has, during the renewal term, completed at least 40 clock hours of continuing education.

Subd. 1a.Increased clock hours required effective August 1, 2011.

(a) Notwithstanding the requirements in subdivision 8, the clock hours specified in subdivisions 1 and 4 to 6 apply to all new licenses issued effective August 1, 2011, under section 148E.055.

(b) Any licensee issued a license prior to August 1, 2011, under Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 148D.055 must comply with the increased clock hours in subdivisions 1 and 4 to 6, and must document the clock hours at the first two-year renewal term after August 1, 2011.

Subd. 2.Ethics requirement.

At least two of the clock hours required under subdivision 1 must be in social work ethics, including at least one of the following:

(1) the history and evolution of values and ethics in social work;

(2) ethics theories;

(3) professional standards of social work practice, as specified in the ethical codes of the National Association of Social Workers, the Association of Canadian Social Workers, the Clinical Social Work Federation, and the Council on Social Work Education;

(4) the legal requirements and other considerations for each jurisdiction that registers, certifies, or licenses social workers; or

(5) the ethical decision-making process.

Subd. 3.Requirement for LICSW's.

For licensed independent clinical social workers, at least 24 of the clock hours required under subdivision 1 must be in the clinical content areas specified in section 148E.055, subdivision 5.

Subd. 4.Requirement for supervisors.

For social workers providing supervision according to sections 148E.100 to 148E.125, at least six of the clock hours required under subdivision 1 must be in the practice of supervision.

Subd. 5.Independent study.

Independent study must not consist of more than 15 clock hours of continuing education per renewal term. Independent study must be for publication, public presentation, or professional development. Independent study includes, but is not limited to, electronic study. For purposes of subdivision 4, independent study includes consultation or training regarding supervision with a licensed professional who has demonstrated supervisory skills.

Subd. 6.Coursework.

One credit of coursework in a semester-based academic institution is the equivalent of 15 clock hours.

Subd. 7.Prorated renewal term.

If the licensee's renewal term is prorated to be less or more than 24 months, the required number of continuing education clock hours is prorated proportionately.

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