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Subdivision 1.Public status; exemption from statutes and rules.

A charter school is a public school and is part of the state's system of public education. A charter school is exempt from all statutes and rules applicable to a school, school board, or school district unless a statute or rule is made specifically applicable to a charter school or is included in this chapter.

Subd. 2.General federal, state, and local requirements.

(a) A charter school shall meet all federal, state, and local health and safety requirements applicable to school districts.

(b) A school must comply with statewide accountability requirements governing standards and assessments in chapter 120B.

(c) A charter school is subject to and must comply with the Minnesota Public School Fee Law, sections 123B.34 to 123B.39.

(d) A charter school is a district for the purposes of tort liability under chapter 466.

(e) A charter school is subject to the Pledge of Allegiance requirement under section 121A.11, subdivision 3.

(f) A charter school and charter school board of directors are subject to chapter 181.

(g) A charter school is subject to and must comply with continuing truant notification under section 260A.03.

(h) A charter school must develop and implement a teacher evaluation and peer review process under section 122A.40, subdivision 8, paragraph (b), clauses (2) to (13). The teacher evaluation process in this paragraph does not create any additional employment rights for teachers.

(i) A charter school must adopt a policy, plan, budget, and process, consistent with section 120B.11, to review curriculum, instruction, and student achievement and strive for the world's best workforce.

Subd. 3.Pupils with a disability.

A charter school must comply with sections 125A.02, 125A.03 to 125A.24, 125A.65, and 125A.75 and rules relating to the education of pupils with a disability as though it were a district. A charter school enrolling prekindergarten pupils with a disability under section 124E.11, paragraph (h), must comply with sections 125A.259 to 125A.48 and rules relating to the Interagency Early Intervention System as though it were a school district.

Subd. 4.Students' rights and related law.

(a) A charter school student must be released for religious instruction, consistent with section 120A.22, subdivision 12, clause (3).

(b) A charter school is subject to and must comply with chapter 363A and section 121A.04.

(c) A charter school must comply with section 121A.031 governing policies on prohibited conduct.

Subd. 5.Records, meetings, and data requirements.

(a) A charter school must comply with chapters 13 and 13D; and sections 120A.22, subdivision 7; 121A.75; and 260B.171, subdivisions 3 and 5.

(b) A charter school must comply with section 120A.22, subdivision 7, governing the transfer of students' educational records and sections 138.163 and 138.17 governing the management of local records.

Subd. 6.Length of school year.

A charter school must provide instruction each year for at least the number of hours required by section 120A.41. It may provide instruction throughout the year according to sections 124D.12 to 124D.127 or 124D.128.

Subd. 7.Additional program-specific requirements.

(a) A charter school offering online courses or programs must comply with section 124D.095.

(b) A charter school that provides early childhood health and developmental screening must comply with sections 121A.16 to 121A.19.

(c) A charter school that provides school-sponsored youth athletic activities must comply with section 121A.38.

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