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Subdivision 1.Account established; sources.

The forests for the future conservation easement account is created in the natural resources fund in the state treasury. The following revenue shall be deposited in the account:

(1) contributions to the account or specified for any purposes of the account;

(2) financial contributions required under section 84.66, subdivision 11, or other applicable law; and

(3) money appropriated or transferred for the purposes described in subdivision 2.

Interest earned on money in the account accrues to the account.

Subd. 2.Appropriation; purposes of account.

Four percent of the balance on July 1 in the forests for the future conservation easement account is annually appropriated to the commissioner of natural resources and may be spent only to cover the costs of managing forests for the future conservation easements held by the Department of Natural Resources, including costs incurred from monitoring, landowner contracts, record keeping, processing landowner notices, requests for approval or amendments, and enforcement.